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Why sound limited to 85 decibels for children?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

We are often asked why our kids headphones are too quiet when grown-ups listen to them. All our headphones come with a decibel limitation on the volume of at least 85 dB (decibels) which is under the safe volume level suitable for children aged between 3-7 years as supported the World Health Organisation.

PAW723 PAW Patrol Marshall Kids Headphones

For the past decade, OTL Technologies have specialised in the design and manufacture of audio accessories and we strongly recommend that the exposure to volumes shouldn't be any higher than 85 decibels as this is not safe for young children.

Higher volume can be higher risk to your ears too.

Depending on the devices, you may have built-in controls to limit the volume. However many of us don't know where to find this function and most of digital devices in these days produce sound levels which are far higher than 85 decibels. For example, most of the common portable MP3 players produce volume up to 105 decibels which can lead to higher risk of hearing loss after short period time for use. So if this is a high risk for grown-ups, what do you think for little ones?

Perfect for little ears

PP0776 Rainbow Peppa Kids headphones

We are pleased to let you know that you don't have to worry about it anymore! Our range of safe sound kids headphones are designed with children in mind. We hope this gives you peace of mind and a big plus is that parents won't need to monitor the volume control!

And here is bonus for your little ones, our kids headphones come with an adjustable padded PU headband and soft ear cushions for extra comfort.

So if you are looking for headphones specially for young children, a pair of kids headphones from OTL Technologies will be perfect gadget for your little ones. Stay safe, carry on listening.

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